Release Notes

Burwell / 1-Oct-2015.

  1. Improved configuration management, as documented in Configuration Management section of the Developer’s Guide. Includes removing deployment dependencies from the code base to better support multiple deployments (e.g., CORD, OpenCloud) from a common release; the use Docker to configure the development environment; and the use TOSCA to specifying the service configuration.

  2. Codified the tenancy model, as documented in the Services and Tenancy section of the Architecture Guide.

  3. Reconciled with OpenStack by eliminating gratuitous differences, instances and network ports.

  4. Upgraded to OpenStack Kilo. Support for Kilo’s domain feature is not yet available.

  5. Replace Synchronizer framework, as described in the Adding Services section of the Developer’s Guide.

Axtell / 1-May-2015.

  1. Two Networks are automatically created and assigned to every Slice. There is sufficient mechanism to create new networks, bind them to a slice, and whitelist other slices that are allowed to connect to a network, but the workflow is brittle and not well documented. In particular, OpenStack requires that a Network be created before the VMs that are to attach to them, and adding a Network to a Slice requires re-instantiating all the associated Slivers.

  2. A current limitation is that only one user key is injected into the slice. That user can login and manually add the keys of other users, but an OpenCloud admin also needs to add the keys to the account used to support proxy login to the slice.

  3. Virtual networks are implemented as GRE-tunnels using the default Neutron plugin. OVX is currently running only on a development cluster.

  4. There is only partial support for ServiceClass object. BestEffort is the only available class, and related objects (e.g., Reservations, Accounts, Invoices) are currently disabled.

  5. Some files need to be manually copied when installing using WSGI

# mkdir /var/www/xos/static/rest_framework_swagger

# cp -a /usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/rest_framework_swagger/static/rest_framework_swagger/* /var/www/xos/static/rest_framework_swagger/