XOS Guide

This guide gives an overview of XOS, including detailed information about using, developing, and operating XOS. It also includes release notes and a roadmap. This guide is an evolving document. We are using it in lieu of a Wiki.

To help frame the discussion, this guide distinguishes among three distinct but related terms:

This guide is primarily about XOS, but it is often necessary to talk about an operational deployment of XOS, in which case we use OpenCloud as a representative example. It is most accurate to think of OpenCloud as one use case built using XOS. Another important XOS use case is CORD (Central Office Re-architected as a Datacenter).

Web Site: http://xosproject.org.

Repository: github.com/open-cloud/xos.

Developer Forum: devel@xosproject.org (registered users only).

RESTful API Specification: guide.xosproject.org/restapi/.

Repository for this Guide: https://github.com/open-cloud/open-cloud.github.io

Portal: portal.opencloud.us (registered users only).

User Mailing List: users@opencloud.us (registered users only).

Support Mailing List: support@opencloud.us.