XOS Configuration

The xosconfig module is used to read, validate and distribute configuration information for all XOS-related components.

The code for this module can be found in lib/xos-config.

The xosconfig module uses a combination of parameters provided via a .yaml file and a service discovery mechanism.

How to Use This Module

This module needs to be initialized once (and only once) when XOS starts. You can do it with:

from xosconfig import Config

By default, xosconfig looks for a configuration file in /opt/xos/config.yaml. Passing a different config file can be done with:

from xosconfig import Config

Configuration Defaults

Defaults are defined for some of the configuration items in lib/xos-config/xosconfig/default.py.

Reading Data from the Configuration File

To access static information defined in the config.yaml file, use the following API:

from xosconfig import Config
res = Config.get('database')

This call returns something like:

    'username': 'test',
    'password': 'safe'

Since the configuration supports a nested dictionary, it is possible to query directly nested values using dot notation. For example:

from xosconfig import Config
res = Config.get('database.username')



NOTE: The configuration schema is defined in /lib/xos-config/config-schema.yaml

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