XOS Containers

When deployed, XOS runs as a set of Docker containers that cooperate to provide platform controller functionality, including the data model, synchronizers, and northbound APIs. The following is an inventory of those containers:

Name Description Internal Ports
xos-core The core of the platform; responsible for maintaining the data model 50051, 500515
xos-db A Postgres instance; used to persist the data model 5432
xos-tosca Northbound TOSCA interface; accessible via REST 9102
xos-gui Northbound GUI dashboard 4000
xos-ws Listens to kafka events and propagates them over web-sockets 3000
xos-chameleon Northbound REST interface; accessible at /xosapi/v1/.. (swagger is published at /apidocs/ 3000
kafka A Kafka bus; used to send event notifications 9092

All the communication between containers happen over gRPC except for xos-gui, which uses a combination of REST and web-socket.


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