Download Source Code

The easiest way to download source code for XOS—including the XOS core, the XOS-related interfaces (e.g., GUI, TOSCA), the helm charts used to deploy XOS, and the model/synchronizers for the services being managed by XOS—is to use the repo tool.

Install repo

If you don't already have repo installed, you may be able to install it with your system package manager, or you can follow these instructions from the android source site:

curl -o /tmp/repo ';a=blob_plain;f=repo;hb=refs/heads/stable'
echo '394d93ac7261d59db58afa49bb5f88386fea8518792491ee3db8baab49c3ecda  /tmp/repo' | sha256sum -c -
sudo mv /tmp/repo /usr/local/bin/repo
sudo chmod a+x /usr/local/bin/repo

Note: You may want to install repo using the official repository instead. We forked the original repository and host a copy of the file to make repo downloadable also by organizations that don't have access to Google servers.

Download Repositories

We assume the XOS repositories are checked out into directory $SRC_DIR:

mkdir $SRC_DIR/
repo init -u -b master
repo sync

Development Notes

You can also use repo to download the latest patchsets from Gerrit, and to contribute code back into Gerrit (for review). More information on how to do both are available on the CORD Wiki.

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